What is Inox / stainless steel?

The term “Inox” is a collective, colloquial term for a steel based material developed over 100 years ago, which has high resistance values against corrosion and acids, and it represents a number of chrome-nickel steels (stainless steel) to which other elements are also added.

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Stainless steel for fences

Durability is one of the chief factors in selecting the right fencing materials. After all, fences are supposed to be a strong barrier for a house or business. Beyond its strength and reliability as a building material, stainless steel is also remarkably easy to maintain. Unlike other metals, it has a high degree of resistance to corrosion and rust. This means that it retains its structural integrity longer than other types of materials and won’t require frequent repairs or replacements.

Stainless steel for windows

Stainless steel is for sure one of the preferred choice of leading edge architects and designers in order to create something unique and captivating. Stainless steel windows and doors enhance a highly sophisticated and minimalist elegance, evaluating the simplest design to the ultimate concept of luxury.

Stainless steel frames enhances the luminosity of the interiors, while the thin sightlines on the outside appear to float the glass, emphasizing the transparency of a facade and giving the maximum freedom to design to the architect, following the ideas of our clients.

Stainless steel for kitchen

Stainless steel is a biologically neutral and therefore an antibacterial material. Unlike other metals, stainless steel does not modify the colour, the fragrances or the flavours of food and it does not release toxic substances which could contaminate it. This is why it has always been used in the kitchen. Both to make cutlery, crockery and food containers, as well as to design industrial kitchens, where hygiene and perfect food preservation are fundamental requisites.

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