Abel Haus Cottage Cottage ABEL C- 53 ABEL C-53 House 53 is compact in layout and is intended as a three-room house. The perfect house for everyday living or a holiday that, thanks to the large glass openings, provides a pleasant feeling of connection with the naturalRead more


Abel Haus Cottage Cottage ABEL C- 71 ABEL C-71 This house, which is designed according to the wishes and needs of the customer, proved to be extremely popular. It represents a harmony of simple style and impeccably defined layout of rooms on an area of 71 squareRead more

ABEL C-112

Abel Haus Cottage Cottage ABEL C- 112 ABEL C-112 house contains three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a large living room with a kitchen. The high ceiling in the living area gives this house extra freshness and a feeling of comfort. 112 M² BRUTO 101 M² NETO 3Read more

ABEL C-113

Abel Haus Cottage Cottage ABEL C 113 ABEL C-113 The 113 is a prototype that comes to mind when considering the shape of a family home. As such, it embodies the very essence. The entrance canopy is an introduction to the unique story of each family thatRead more

ABEL C-119

Abel Haus Cottage Cottage ABEL C- 119 ABEL COTTAGE-119 is a combination of timeless design and closeness to nature in one solution. Numerous glass surfaces allow an influx of daylight as-well-as a beautiful view. Due to the number of rooms and their multifunctional possibilities, this house isRead more

ABEL C-140

Abel Haus Cottage Cottage ABEL C- 140 ABEL COTTAGE-140 A large house built in Scandinavian style. Immediately upon entering a house like this, a large amount of daylight is noticeable, which makes each room very comfortable to stay. 140 M² BRUTO 107 M² NETO 3 BEDROOMS BRead more

ABEL C-154

Abel Haus Cottage Cottage ABEL C- 154 ABEL COTTAGE 154 Wooden house of a simple shape with perfectly used and functional space, with special care for the warmth of the family home as well as the real warmth on cold days. 154 M² BRUTO 103 M² NETORead more