Modular homes have experienced growth in popularity as more people seek to construct additions to their homes. Others look to modular homes for savings or for a vacation home.

Modular homes are built to exacting standards in a factory, then delivered and assembled quickly at the construction site. The time savings and the efficiencies of producing most of the structure in a modern factory also make modular homes a great value for careful buyers.

Follow these tips to help you find a modular home that will fit your  needs.

The Dealer

Your first stop is finding a qualified, licensed dealer  who works with  modular  home manufacturers.  Abel Haus  is celebrating 41 years  of doing business in Europe.

Abel Haus  is a licensed general contractor who can handle all aspects of constructing your home. They will make certain that the design meets your specfiications and  budget.

Abel Haus  will oversee all aspects of putting your home together, which includes securing the correct permits, to concrete, plumbing, HYAC,electrical and carpentry work that will occur. All site checks are done by qualified  field supervisors free of charge.

In addition, Abel Haus  will assist you with your lender and  Title Company. They  wa nt to make sure everything goes smoothly for you.

The Manufacturer

Once you  pick a dealer,  you can begi n to look at styles of  modular homes.

Each  manufacturer  has d iffere nt options. There are sizes, floor plans and archi tectu ral designs to consider. Maybe you would prefer a one -story ranch, two­ story home, Cape Codor chalet-style structure.

You  can customize the look to meet  your  lifestyle and budget.

Because these homes are manufactured by using innovative technologies in a controlled environment, the result is a more precisely built home. Var’iations  in  weather  during  constru ction will not affect the  house.

Manufacturers purchase massive qualities of materials for  their factories,so they pass their  cost saving son to you.

Under normal circumstances, production time at the factory takes about eight weeks,The structure will be delivered  and placed onto your foundation. After that,t he final process of construction usually takes four tosix weeks depending on the home and job site.

Researc h the background and expertise of Abel Haus  .Stop in and look at all types and styles of   homes.They s tock over $2,000,000 in inventoryand are open sixdays a week.

Look carefully at the features and design of the manufacturer’s  plans. Your  hard work will resultin a high-quality home built to last. Abel Haus  is one of the largest dealers in the northeas t. With 41 years of experience, they make the Horne Buying process simple.