Dear Customers!

We have prepared information that a potential buyer who buys a residential prefabricated building, or a house, should know.

Person, organization or company in Croatia should know its and our obligations.

1. The investor should obtain an urban and construction permit and a permit to work in his local community where he is building the prefabricated facility.

2. Among other things, there should be a conceptual – the main project of the local design bureau or project that we do (architecture, statics, electrical installation and water installation), part of the project documentation should be certified in Croatia by authorized institution.

3. When you receive a building permit, you can build a prefabricated or classic building – a house, depending on the choice.

4. Based on the conceptual design solution, we are making our offer and prepare a contract for a certain scope of work, and in most cases the Roh – Bau system, which means that the house is mounted on a finished foundation and A / B board.

Our work:

  • Hydro insulation under the walls of the house on the ground floor.
  • Exterior (facade, exterior carpentry, sheet metal, roof tiles, benches, etc.).
  • The interior of the house is made of walls and ceilings – the ceilings are covered with plasterboard panels, internal carpentry, benches, solid wooden stairs if it is a multi-storey building, pipes and boxes for electrical installation are installed in the walls, water supply and drainage are installed in the walls, other works are done by the investor.

5. The legal obligation to be resolved by the Buyer is to insure at his own expense on the construction site of the prefabricated house:

5.1. Supervising engineer (who supervises the quality of work performed).

5.2. Construction manager, (who performs all legally prescribed activities from the beginning of works on the construction site; quantification of the facility, excavation of humus, works of A / B on foundations and A / B slabs, installation of VIK, electricity, heating, etc.

The above two competent experts are needed on the construction site and they protect the interests of the owner of the house – building, it is a legal obligation that every contractor can have its own construction manager, but our experiential recommendation is that it is best for the buyer to sign a contract with the manager who does the preparations (excavation, foundations, A / B slab) and that he leads everything to the very end.

6. We can also make a contract for the Croatian market with our company in Zagreb (in which case the buyer is released from the obligation to import prefabricated materials, then all necessary actions are performed by our company from Zagreb and it imports prefabricated house from our factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina).

6.1. If we sign a contract with our company from Bosnia and Herzegovina, then the buyer pays 1% customs registration, he can organize the transport, and other works that we agree.

7. Production and assembly deadlines are 90 days.

8. For our installers who will install prefabricated building, the Buyer has the obligation to submit their documents to the office related to issuing permits for the work of the installer on the construction site of his prefabricated house.

9. The house is designed, manufactured and installed according to EU standards, for all installed materials we provide the necessary attest documentation for the technical acceptance of the house, instructions for use and maintenance of the house.

For all other information, please be free to contact us anytime.

Your safe partner –  AbelHaus1884!